About Us

Level Up Pool and Spa Service is a pool and spa maintenance company based in West Hills, CA. We provide weekly and 2x’s a week maintenance for your residential pools and spas to ensure these utilities’ solid upkeep.

What Separates Us?

We LEAD the race with experience.

What makes level up different is our knowledge and experience working on the various pool and spa systems. Whether it is an ozone pool, salt pool (chlorine generator), or even an ionization pool, we have the tools to help resolve your issue.

Company Background.

Level Up Pool and Spa Service is an honest company that believes in paying attention to details when it services your pool or spa. We have over 12 years of experience, and that is manifested in our work. We have serviced over 100 pools over the years, so it’s safe to say that we know what it takes to keep your pool and spas sparkling all year round.

We believe in being consistent and sticking to our word. We also like to think of ourselves as not an average maintenance company, but one that provides quality services at good quotations. Our passion speaks for itself, and we dedicate ourselves to providing excellent customer service.

Our Core Values.

These values define our conduct with clients and how we work at Level Up.

Upholding Integrity.

Integrity comes first on our list of priorities. We believe that we have to maintain respect and build trust with our clients to have a shot at running a good business. When you work with us, you see us practicing these beliefs to ensure a fantastic customer experience.

Being Professionals.

We like to work with an attitude that conveys our character and knowledge. Nobody wants to work with amateurs who make mistakes and then don’t take responsibility for them. At Level Up, we promise professionalism both on and off the job.


We work hard, so you don’t have to. We take it upon ourselves to make your pool and spa look beautiful and organized. We stick to our schedule and ensure that the work is done on time without any errors.