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Ditch the harsh chemicals and dive into a Healthier Swimming experience with our revolutionary chlorine free pool system that’s safe for your family and the environment. Sanitize your pool the healthy way! 

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A Chlorine Free Pool Experience has arrived.

For decades, chlorine has been the go-to solution for water treatment, but its drawbacks have sparked a search for alternatives. While it effectively sanitizes water and prevents bacterial and algal growth, chlorine can exacerbate certain health issues.

Recent breakthroughs in technology have made it possible to leverage the power of ionization to create a healthy, chlorine free pool experience. Our copper ionization technology has made this vision a reality, offering a safe and effective alternative to traditional chlorine-based pools.

By integrating this revolutionary and innovative chlorine free solution into your pool system, you'll enjoy the following benefits:

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How do chlorine free pool systems work?

A chlorine free pool system use two processes to Sanitize your pool the healthy way, Electronic Ionization & Oxidation.

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The current technology utilizing copper ions was pioneered by NASA water chemists during the Apollo Space Program to ensure safe drinking water without the need for hazardous chemicals. Copper has proven to be highly effective in eradicating algae and has been a key component in nearly every leading pool algaecide product for more than three decades and has received EPA approval as a sanitizer for both pool and drinking water.
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Electric Oxidation works by applying a low voltage current to a series of platinum coated plates in the Flow Chamber, initiating a process known as Hydrolysis. During Hydrolysis, the water molecules undergo an electro-physical separation into free oxygen molecules and hydroxyl radicals. This process effectively removes (oxidizes) body oils, sunscreens, tanning lotions, and other organic materials that are neutralized by the Copper Ionization.
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Chlorine free pool system FAQs

Salt generators essentially create chlorine from salt, which is made up of sodium and chloride. A salt generator consumes between 500 to 1500 watts of A/C power to break down the salt crystals. The energy usage is comparable to running a hairdryer for 8 to 12 hours. The outcome of this process is a pool with a sodium base (saltwater) and chloride. In contrast, our system is entirely chlorine and chemical free! Click here to read more.

Certainly. Our pools maintain Copper levels at 50% of the safe thresholds set by the EPA for drinking water. In fact, consuming 3 to 4 gallons of pool water would introduce a similar amount of Copper as taking a multivitamin.


The EPA has endorsed the use of copper ionization to combat microbial threats. According to the EPA, “Copper ion systems can now be legally marketed in the U.S. with public health claims,” marking a significant milestone.

Installing the “Classic” pool system can be done swiftly within 30-60 minutes. Operating the system only involves weekly monitoring of the pH and copper levels. Our “Ultra” pool system not only monitors but also automatically adjusts the pH using Co2 injection.

For the Chlorine Free Whole House System, it is advisable to have a Plumber handle the installation due to the high-pressure water lines involved. All our Whole House Water Systems are delivered pre-assembled and ready for use.

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Dive into the difference with our expert pool and spa services, tailored to your unique needs. Our knowledge and experience allow us to service a wide variety of pool and spa systems.

Pool & Spa Maintenance

At Level Up Pool and Spa Service, we provide professional Pool and Spa Maintenance services on both weekly and semi-weekly schedules. We understand the importance of ensuring safe and clean swimming pool water and offer customized services that suit the individual needs of each pool.

Equipment Repairs & Installation

Maintaining your home’s pool can be a demanding and time-consuming task, especially when faced with damages or unexpected issues. With over 15 years of experience, we specialize in installing and repairing pool equipment for homeowners throughout Los Feliz and the surrounding areas.